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Posted on March 16, 2019

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It is a Sunday loaded with reasons to celebrate last July 1, 2018. First, Holy Trinity Community celebrates its 17th year Anniversary with a beautiful theme “Obedience, Faithfulness and Works”. Second, it’s Family Day back to back with HTC Sportsfest 2018. Third, a Marriage Announcement was made presenting brothers and sisters who are about to enter into the vocation of Marriage. Following the Holy Mass attended at the ADDU Chapel in Jacinto, the community proceeded to Brokenshire College Ampitheater for the HTC Anniversary Family Day and Sportsfest 2018 where everyone was all set to showcase the spirit of sportsmanship and pure fun. After enjoying the breakfast buffet of shared food and treats (not to mention the blockbuster “ice cream station”!), everyone was equally filled in spirit through the praise and worship which was led by Bro Dondon Ablas. While all excitedly awaited to release the adrenaline in the games ahead, a very special announcement by Bro Nichol Fernandez fueled the whole amphitheater with joy and “kilig”. Four to-be-wed couples were called in one by one, through a creative narration from the Book of Genesis, in the account of God’s creation of the first husband and wife. The marriage announcement and the upcoming “Harana” of couples: 1) Bro Nathaniel Duro & Sis Gerlie Jadulco; 2) Bro Rogelio Bolos & Sis Shalane Telloro; 3) Bro Alex Cunanan & Sis Criselda Alba; and 4) Bro Joseph Magdahedrin & Sis Cheryl Vilog, are part of the community’s culture and tradition to honor and celebrate with the brothers and sisters as they move towards sealing their love and commitment with the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. Then the Sportsfest continued with the Parade of Colors and the powerful presentation of Team chants and yells by the individual team colors Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. In getting ready for the main games, a Zumba dance warmed everyone up. By the end of the energizing Zumba dance routine, a brother and a sister stood out as Best Male and Best Female Zumba performer, Bro Maning Lagua and Sis Rossana Revillame. The games prepared for the day as facilitated by Game master Bro Rod Aque were: “Curry Time Basketball”, “Copy Cat”, and “Pinaka”, which hailed the Yellow team as the overall champion, the Green and Red teams in the 2nd place and the Blue team in the 3rd place. The concluding game, facilitated by Bro Vince Batucan, was the most anticipated court battle of “Titos vs. YA & CYA basketball game” where the Titos proudly took home the title. Credits to the Family Life Ministry Team (c/o Bro Alan & Sis Lulu Fernandez; Bro Ricky & Sis Annie Ambrosio), North E & F MWGs who served as marshals, and the rest of the brothers and sisters whose service helped made the event very successful. Everyone truly had a fill of “happiness overload” that day and went home bringing along another certified HTC joyful memory to recall in the coming years.